Sunday, March 31, 2013


The proudest moment for me would be the day I knew what it meant to be love forgive me...The day I realized how strong I was..and I knew this because of the woman I have become..I could of let me life's experience break me...but I didn't..I went though it and I am still here and stronger than ever...I hope whoever read these blogs over the last 30 days understand this was not healing for me...more like teaching..I went though my healing process a long time ago or I would not of been able to share them with you...Click the slide and watch the key points in my story is not over..not by for now I am happy with what who I am...

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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE...Well since the day has actually just started for me and I am two days late with this blog..LOL I will talk about what I will be doing today...Even though this is a holiday I pretty much will be taking it easy today..I missed church service because one I hate going to church with a crowd on holiday's like this one and second I am still very sore from my workout from yesterday...My personal trainer has been going hard on me lately...After I make a quick run to see my parents and my aunt I will be coming home to start dinner and watching all of the Christian movies that cable television has in store today..taking in a quick game with my baby boy of UNO and finishing DAY 30 of this challenge blog...Later tonight it will be my regular T.V. Line up (Celebrity Apprentice...Walking Dead...Housewives of Atlanta and The Bible..a couple of these shows will be set on DVR to watch at a later time)....Then I will be getting ready for work tomorrow...Michael is off school for spring break so I do not have to worry about getting him ready but will still be washing our clothes for the week...After that to bed I will go to start my week of work and more fun...THE END


I have had so many fights in my life...I honestly can say I do not remember my first fight...I do know I was very..very young when it happen and the only reason I know this is because I started getting kick out of school in my elementary years...I cannot for the life of me pin point my first fight...I could guess it had to be either about me defending one of my sisters or someone trying to bully me...Those were pretty much most of the fights that I got in when I was when I got older it turned into other things...Sorry I must be getting old because I can't even picture in my head what my first fight even looked like...LOL 

Friday, March 29, 2013


Well there are many things a day can be for me...But I will give you just one typical day...I work everyday...all day...For starters I work in a very demanding and forever changing industry...Mortgages...Yes I said it with all of the bad press Banks have been getting for the last five years at least..I try not to share this information about me to much...LOL (I may have to get protection after this blog..LOL So I won't name the bank even though it is in my profile on my page..LOL)...Well first before I even get to work I have to be a mother first...My daughter lives in Chicago at the moment going to school and just trying to be her own person...she called it finding herself..WHATEVER...So that leaves my son..the joy of my everyday...He goes to an alternative institute and I make sure he gets on that bus everyday...He pretty much is a very independent person so I don't have to do too much but reminders...Even with his disabilty we never treated him any different than a normal child...he had responsibilites and was held accountable for his actions...He is considered high function Austim...After I get him off to school I get ready for my very busy day...After work I am now slammed with reviewing files..answering phones and meetings..meetings and more meetings...How much talking and planning can you do...I usually work for about 12 to 13 hours a day...If it is one of my training session days..I try to get off on time to make it to the gym...Once I get home I start dinner..take a shower and grab my laptop to read emails and answer online some reading or writing and of course check on my crops in Farmville..LOL and most recently try to read some of the challenge blogs until I crash with the T.V. and laptop on my lap...All to start all over again until the weekend...Which those two days do not seem to be much different lately..I am in about three different clubs along with mentoring a little sister and going to church and the gym...Pretty boring but exhausting all the same...Sorry that's all I have for you on this one...PEACE


There was a time in my life I thought I had a best that would hold my secerts and not judge me...there was a time I thought me and this person in this picture would never be separated from each other...I thought of her as a sister..I called her mother Mama....We were friends since the 8th grade...I even went to stay with her and her family when I was 18 for a short time when they found out I was homeless (that's another story)...You ever make a bond where you say to each other we will never let any man come inbetween our relationship...Well in this case it did...after I met my future husband and kids father this is exactly what happen to our friendship...For the most part I would not say it was all her fault a lot of it was mine too...I should of listened to her when she told me to leave him...but you know how it is when you fall in have to learn the hard way...I guess that is where my daugther gets it from...she is just as hard headed as I was (A true mini me)...Anyway back to this when I did not leave him after a violent incident between me and him that she saw she kinda of kepted her distance..Now a days I don't blame her for it but back then I felt like she was turning her back on me when I really needed a friend the most...Years had pasted and we tried to give our friendship a jump start but she had changed..she turned into a very judgemental and controlling person..For one I am a leader or a lonely or nothing at all and then I found out we both did not have much in common anymore...The last straw was when she took an innocent video I posted on my Facebook page all out of content and started talking about me to other associate we knew...I deleted...blocked her and never looked back....It's been about five years now...I did hear from the grapevine she got married and it lasted only one year and then she moved back to Kansas the state she got her College Degree and she never had any kids...I never even thought about her again until this blog subject came up..Nice Job KIWI..LOL

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


You see that picture right there..I can't wait until I can just sit back and relax and watch a view like this everyday...the day I will retire from the wonderful world of working in corporate america...BYE BYE ASS HOLES..LOL


I don't have many memorable moments in my childhood and even though my teenage years I did have some exciting moments...Well none I choose to share in this Blog..LOL..I will however rewind some years later in my adult years to when I had my children...I always enjoy anytime I spend with my kids..even to this day with them being young adults now...I do remember the summer we took a road trip to Florida to visit my grandmother (My father's mother)...I was really excited not only was this my kids first trip down was mine...In the 15 years since she moved down there..I never got a chance to go visit her..So I was really excited...The only thing is I went with my aunt and her grown kids and grandkids..WHAT A MESS that was...I ended up having a ball once we actually got down there like 1 1/2 days it took us to get down there..because we had kids and a baby we had to stop at a motel and spend a night and get up early to finish the ride...Going thru Georgia is too long for anyone's behind...I took the kids the Disneyland and Universal Studios...They had a ball...this was my son's first trip any where and surprisingly that kid did good..better than the rest of the kids in the car even with his disability and all..I was so proud of him the most rewarding part of the trip was seeing him getting on the Spiderman and the Hulk rides at Universal Studios...he was the happiest kid alive...I spent so much money on him we had to borrow money on the way back home...LOL The only thing I would change about that trip if we ever go down there again is...NEVER to ride with my aunt or cousins again...Oh BOY what a mess that was too many attitudes in one car and spoiled as hell everybody wanted their way..I have very little patience for BRATS